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As part of our commitments to generate only the best results, we keep our efforts to create the most innovative, competitive, and only the best quality products by putting our hearts & souls into creative ideas & the use of cutting-edge technologies, to produce only the best bicycles. 

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Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia ke 72

INDONESIA Kerja Bersama.

United Bike Ekspor 10.000 unit

Rabu, 2 Agustus 2017, United Bike menandatangani kontrak dagang mengenai ekspor sepeda ke Spanyol yang difasilitasi oleh Kementrian Perdaganan Republik Indonesia.

Gowes Pesona Nusantara Jakarta, 6

Ayo bersepeda bersama di acara "Gowes Pesona Nusantara 2017" yang digelar pada 6 Agustus 2017 di Pondok Pinang Center, Jakarta Selatan.